THIS isn't Bacon - Plant Based Rashers


Plant Based Rashers


These ready-to-cook and (Ridiculously) high in protein rashers are an amazing meat-free bacon alternative, fortified with vitamin B12 & iron.


Water, Soy Protein Concentrate (22%), Soy Protein Isolate (7%), Flavouring, Pea Protein Isolate (4%), Vegetable Extracts (Radish, Carrot, Paprika), Potato Starch, Salt, Rapeseed Oil, Maltodextrin, Iron, Vitamin B12.


For allergens, see ingredients in Bold.

Cooking Instructions


For best results: pan-fry for 3-5 minutes, with a drop of vegetable or olive oil.

About THIS™

THIS™ is what happens when two meat-lovers checked out meat-free food and decided that they didn’t want any of it.

Andy & Pete had a job before founding THIS™ in 2019.
They established and ran a burger (as in, beef) restaurant chain. As far as u-turns go, this is a whopper.

Upon leaving that business, they realised: that maybe they should eat less meat. Fairly urgently.
That if you don’t like tofu, or food with orange packaging, you don’t have much of a meat-free choice.
That they should make plant-based food and deploy their secret-weapon, following it as our guiding star: an obsession and adoration for meat.

The obvious(ish…) conclusion, was that they had to make our own plant-based meat-alternative products. Food that PROPERLY works in a fry-up or in a chicken-pie.