Rack of Seitan Meatless Ribs


Rack of Seitan Meatless Ribs - Choice of 6 or 12

No bones necessary with Soy Ahoy's latest product - freshly cooked meatless "ribs" made from a smoky seitan & sesame blend, and marinated in a rich, sweet, homemade BBQ sauce. Like all Soy Ahoy products, everything is made in-house using locally sourced, organic ingredients.

Cooking: These ribs come cooked and ready to eat, but if you'd like to heat them up we recommend approx. 10-12 mins in the oven, or 2-3 mins in the microwave.

Shelf life: 5-7 Days in the fridge, or up to 2 months in the freezer

Allergen: Gluten, Soya, Celery, Sesame, Mustard.