Pierre Bouree, Bourgogne Pinot Noir


Pierre Bouree, Bourgogne Pinot Noir

13% ABV


Pierre Bouree produce a wide range of Burgundian wines with attention to detail and care put into every single one. There's no doubt that Burgundy has a price tag when it comes to wine but this ticks the boxes that Pinot from the region should have and it's really not too expensive for what it is. It's certainly got us drinking lots of it! 

Whole bunch fermentation takes place using only the native yeasts that express the region so well. 3-4 times a day the pulp gets foot trodden to extract colour and flavour. The wine spends 15-20 months in barrels ageing (20% new toasted oak) and then blended together to create the finished product. 

Garnet and light in colour, lots of strawberries and earthy notes like any great Burgundian Pinot Noir. A perfect balance of acidity and tannins.