Fortitude Mini Tin


8.5 Pint Mini Tin

Bristol Beer Factory's freshest beers, straight to your door. Bring the pub home with you. 2 weeks life while unopened – once opened it has a 3-4 day shelf life.


Amber Ale
4% ABV

Britain’s enviable reputation for great cask beer was built on the humble but brilliant, ‘best bitter’. In an era where the style is still enjoyed by millions, it has simultaneously been abandoned by the newest waves of innovative breweries.

Bristol Beer Factory wanted to put that right – they are proud to present you their take into the category for the region to be proud of.

A beautiful amber colour, with perfect balance between finest English Maris Otter malt and classic Southern English hops; malty, clean, moreish.


Contains wheat & barley malt


Contains wheat and barley malt