Champetre, Mauzac Blanc Laurent


Champetre, Mauzac Blanc Laurent

12.5% ABV


Country: France

Vintage: 2018

Grape blend: 100% Mauzac

This delicious little wine made from Mauzac has a lovely ripe apples and pears quality, as well as honey, spice and soft floral notes without straying from being dry. The wine is certified organic, and Laurent works hard to reduce intervention as far as possible, though it receives a smidge of sulphite 2 mg/l at bottling and a light filtration. Try with haddock or a Waldorf salad.

Laurent Cazottes is primarily a superb, artisan distiller based in Villeuneuve Sur Vere, Gaillac. As well as making a variety of amazing eaux-de-vies, liqueurs and aperitifs, he also makes a pair of wines from indigenous Gaillacoise grape varieties. These wines are certified organic, made with wild yeast fermentation, and are unfiltered and unfined. They are authentic, easy drinking and refreshing natural wines with great character and purity and at a fantastic price point. We look forward to seeing what else he has up his sleeve!