British Fish Pie (Frozen)


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British Fish Pie

1 Portion/2 Portions

Sustainable hake and salmon in a white beanBéchamel with spinach, walnuts and topped with a delicious sweet potato mash.

Packed with flavour, nutrients and health benefits, then flash-frozen to lock-in its goodness.


Golden vegetable mix (28%) [Sweet potatoes (76%) Butternut squash (21%), Olive Oil, Carrots, Salt], White Bean Bechamel (23%) [Cannellini beans (75%), Water, Oat milk, Onions, Cassava flour, Olive Oil, Linseeds, Miso (Soya), Salt, Ground nutmeg], Spinach (13%), Wild salmon (10%) (Fish), Hake (9%) (Fish), Onion sofrito (8%) [Onions, Leeks, Celery, Fennel, Olive Oil, Mushrooms brown, Garlic, Parsley], Oat milk, Mushroom sofrito [Mushrooms brown, Olive oil], Quinoa (0.7%), Tapioca, Walnuts (0.8%) (Tree nuts), Parsley, Wakame seaweed, Lemon zest, Salt, Chives


Soya, Fish, Walnuts, Celery

Although we do our very best to take out all the bones, some may remain.