Baby Burt's Blue



Baby Burt's Blue


Made by Claire Burt in Cheshire from local milk, this little blue cheese is creamy in texture, with a sweet tang from the blue veins. The paste softens as it matures, but the flavour remains mellow and rich.
Claire Burt set up Burt’s Cheese in 2009, with the ambition of making excellent quality cheese with local, Cheshire milk.

Claire originally created Burt’s Blue simply because she liked eating soft, creamy blue cheeses. While there was no master plan, she happens to have created something really quite special. Most blue cheeses are made in a fairly large mould. A traditional Stilton weighs in at around 8kg, and even smaller blue cheeses are rarely less than 1kg. Claire’s skill in creating a tiny blue cheese is not easily matched.

Penicillin Roqueforti is added to the milk, and it is this greenish grey mould that grows on the surface of the cheese to create its attractive, bloomy coat. The magic occurs when the cheeses are hand-pierced to allow oxygen to reach the interior. Small pockets of blue form in the creamy paste, and tiny blue veins can appear through the spaces between the curds. In such a small cheese, the distribution of blue can be hard to control, and so the blueing can be a little sporadic, but the flavour that it brings permeates the whole cheese. As the cheese matures, the paste begins to break down, bringing a delicately creamy richness that balances perfectly with the mineral tones of the blue.

Whole Cows' Milk, Cultures, Penicillin Roqueforti , Rennet , Salt

For allergens see ingredients in bold.

Nutritional Information

per 100g 

Energy: 1502KJ / 362Kcal | Fat : 30.2g, Of which saturated 19.5g | Carbohydrate : 1.2g, Of which sugars <0.1g | Protein : 21.4g | Salt: 1.28g

Storage Information

Keep refrigerated below 8˚, Once open, eat within 3 days

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They are based in historic Bath, founded by the Romans and famous for its beautiful Georgian architecture - alongside Venice the only World Heritage city in Europe. Bath is set in the heart of the English West Country, the home of the most famous of British cheeses: Cheddar.

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