Chicken & Coriander Dumplings (Frozen)


Pack of 12 x Chicken & Coriander Dumplings (Frozen)

Take the Ah-Ma's dumpling experience home.Handmade dumplings using organic flour and veg with with local free-range chicken breast marinated in rice wine and soy and combined with Chinese leaves and coriander.

To cook from frozen, follow one of these instructions:

  • Steam for 5-7mins
  • Pan fry at high heat with a little oil, add a splash of water and cover until no liquid left
  • Boil for 5mins

Storage instructions:

  • In an attempt to reduce plastic waste Ah-Ma's package their dumplings in paper and card. If you would like to store your dumplings in the freezer for more than 1 month please transfer them to an airtight container or bag.