About Us

The Bristol Pantry is a product of the Lockdown. During this period, the team behind Wriggle, an app that helps people discover fantastic independent restaurants, cafes and bars in Bristol, found themselves at a loose end. Their restaurant/cafe/pub partners were closed and no-one was eating-out.

However, the team noticed that they, and their friends, were spending more on great food & drink to cook at home, and, where possible, looking to support local producers.

At the same time, it was clear that local Producers were looking to ramp up their own sales direct to consumers, as they looked to fill the gap in their businesses when bars and restaurants shuttered up.

From that, Bristol Pantry was born – a way for the people of Bristol to buy fantastic local produce direct from the best local breweries, coffee roasters, distilleries, butchers, bakers, cheese makers and many others.

Each Friday, the Bristol Pantry/Wriggle team will deliver fantastic produce from Bristol-based producers straight to the door of the people of Bristol. We'll do our best to keep costs down – delivery will be free, and we'll ensure that prices for individual items match, or are cheaper than, the prices on the Producer's website.